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SustainableOman seeks to be a resource that empowers the community to environmental action by fostering awareness, skills, and knowledge.

SustainableOman aims to provide residents and citizens of Oman information on how we, as a community, realize a SustainableOman through providing information, raising awareness and taking action!

This site is managed by Agnes Astolfi.  Looking forward in connecting with like-minded fellows living in Oman.

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Where is Oman in their SDGs?
In July 2019, the Supreme Council of Planning (SCP) of the Sultanate of Oman has released its First Voluntary National
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Authorized and Official Map of the Sultanate of Oman
The Sultanate’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) issued a notice today in the use of Oman map.  It advised the public
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5 Years in Oman – Musings of an Environmental and Sustainability Practitioner
Here is a link to an article originally posted in LinkedIn.  
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Sustainable Development in Oman: A Timeline
The timeline shows milestones across the history of sustainable development and important discoveries in the world vis-à-vis the major events
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Environmental Events in Oman
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Overview of Oman’s Current Waste Legislation
The Basic Law of Oman (RD 101/1996), which may be regarded as the constitution, considers the protection of the environment
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Impact Assessment of Projects on Water Resources
This article aims to assist project planners, EIA practitioners, and the community on Omani regulations as well as to know
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Environmental Permitting Process and EIA in the Sultanate of Oman
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) can generally be defined as an analysis of the effects of a proposed activity or development
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