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Where is Oman in their SDGs?

In July 2019, the Supreme Council of Planning (SCP) of the Sultanate of Oman has released its First Voluntary National Review (VNR) of the Sultanate of Oman to the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

13 out of 17 SDGs!

Oman’s first VNR reflects in an integrated manner the progress made by the Sultanate towards achieving the 17 SDGs.

From the board it shows that out of the 17 SDGs, Oman is according to 13 Goals!

Such an impressive feat inspite of the challenges at hand and ahead.

To conclude, I would like to quote from the VNR:

Aspiring to a bright future where the SDGs are achieved and based on the premise that these rights belong to all, the Sultanate of Oman firmly believes that achieving the SDGs cannot be realized by governments alone, but rather requires building strong partnerships with other parties, including individuals, the private sectors, and CSOs.

Mabrook, Oman!

Map Oman

Authorized and Official Map of the Sultanate of Oman

The Sultanate’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) issued a notice today in the use of Oman map.  It advised the public that authorized and official maps are available and can be downloaded from the website of MOD’s National Survey Authority.

A sample of the approved outline Oman map is here.

Sustainable Development

5 Years in Oman – Musings of an Environmental and Sustainability Practitioner

Here is a link to an article originally posted in LinkedIn.


EIA Permits and LIcenses

MECA’s Permit and Licenses – Explained

The Ministerial Decision (MD) 48/2017 is the new regulation for organizing environmental permitting in Oman and that also cancelled the MD 187/2001.

As per MD 48/2017, an Environmental Permit is the approval issued by the concerned authority in the Ministry (in this case, MECA) including the permissions given to the owner to practice a certain activity after ensuring its environmental safety.

Several Environmental Permits may be applicable depending on the activities or processes involved in a proposed project or development.  These activities are linked to the company’s registered business activities and are ISIC-based.  Companies are to coordinate with MECA’s Environmental Assessment and Permit Centre (for guidance on environmental assessment requirements) and the online application to be made with MOCI’s Invest Easy Portal.

Most MECA-issued permits comes with conditions. Typical conditions, aside from employing best practices, conservation ethics, periodic monitoring reports submission, include securing a License.

But what is the difference?

License is issued based on an Environmental Permit and it addresses the technical sufficiency of the applicant’s facility.  It is an upfront legal authorization used to allow practicing a restricted business activity.

As of this writing, MECA has listed 14 areas for licensing for companies or businesses (e.g., air, noise, soil and water, climate, etc.).  Different types of licenses are applicable for Individuals and Public Institutions.  Licenses are obtained from MECA’s Environmental Inspection and Control Department as well as Climate Affairs.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development in Oman: A Timeline

The timeline shows milestones across the history of sustainable development and important discoveries in the world vis-à-vis the major events in the Sultanate of Oman.

A quick glimpse of Oman’s steps towards sustainable development together with global events across diverse sustainable development themes.

As this is a working timeline, I would like to hear your comments, so we could improve it.


You can also download the file in PDF format here.








Environmental Events in Oman

Sustainable Development Waste Management

Overview of Oman’s Current Waste Legislation

The Basic Law of Oman (RD 101/1996), which may be regarded as the constitution, considers the protection of the environment and prevention of pollution a social principle and the responsibility of the State.

The principal framework legislation is the Law for the Protection of Environment and Prevention of Pollution (RD 114/2001). This law prescribes strict penalties for the release of environmental pollutants and discharge of effluents, both in land and the marine territories of the Sultanate.

be’ah has provided the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) with an overview and draft of the legislation currently required within the waste management sector to operate effectively.

Here is an overview of Oman’s current legislation on waste.

Updated: July 2016


Impact Assessment of Projects on Water Resources

This article aims to assist project planners, EIA practitioners, and the community on Omani regulations as well as to know how to conduct impact assessment of any projects on water resources.


Environmental Permitting Process and EIA in the Sultanate of Oman

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) can generally be defined as an analysis of the effects of a proposed activity or development on the environment and in Oman (as with other developed and developing countries), it is normally required to most industrial, mining, and development activities to be issued an environmental permit.

The paper highlights the evolution to current status, the legal framework, concepts, processes and principles of EIA and the process involved in obtaining an environmental permit within the context of the Sultanate of Oman.

Please contact Agnes to get a copy of the article.